Malaysian apprentice jockey Yusov Fazli frank his bright red form on Saturday with his first hat-trick.

After firing from the starting blocks at Eliot Ness ($ 20) and Trident ($ 13) in the first two races, his personal best appeared at $ 61 Chance Eagle Eye after seven races.

All three of his winners are trained by his master, Donna Logan.

Since the victory of the Secret Weapon on June 11, Yusoff has brought home at least one winner per conference, all for Kiwi handlers.

Due to the large-scale transportation on Saturday, the winning streak was extended to five weeks.

The treble isn’t new to Logan, but the same isn’t true for a 33-year-old from Boyan, born in Penang.

Since moving from Malaysia, where he won two races to first participate in the former Crunge trainer Simige Mart in 2018, he has doubled his horse riding (and Logan) last year to score his highest score.

The rise of Yusov may not have been as meteor-like as Hakim Kamaldin and Simon Kok. However, his ubiquitous presence in the recent winners’ circle has attracted multiple people to stand up and pay attention.

A score of 12 wins in his first three seasons showed he wasn’t leaning forward.

But after joining Logan in 2019, he almost tripled his score.

With 32 winners, he is now 8 winners who are shy to lose 1kg from the 3kg claim.

However, despite the success of the whirlwind and his Saturday feat, the two fathers played all the topics he was one of The Crunge’s “most improved” riders.

“My father and wife, Fajra, always tell me: It’s more important,” he said.

“I have been racing since the days of Batu Gantung. I have an uncle and a friend who were injured by a jockey.

“Now I have good support and I’m working harder and more confident. I’m happy to get the first treble, but things can change suddenly in the race.”

There is no doubt that safety is the number one priority, but Burlan has pushed Yusov into the premiership mix.

He sits only one winner from the major duo of Jerlyn Seow and Iskandar Rossman.

The season may be a long way off, but if Yusov maintains his rich shape, the junior-ranked title race could turn into an exciting three-corner battle.

“I will do my best to be a champion. I have to work hard and believe in myself,” he said.

“There is no secret to success. I continue to work every day.

“I don’t like wooden horses. The best ones are still real horses. I ride 7-8 horses a day.

“I hurt my knees and back, so I have to take care of myself. I go to the spa once a week and jog every day.”

Logan, who is also the master of Seow, Hakim and new employee Jamil Sarwi, said Yusov’s awakening was the result of increased confidence in unleashing the possibility of hibernation being too long.

“Yusov has always been a very good rider, but he didn’t get a chance.

“He was very talented, but he wasn’t confident,” she said.

“When apprentices get the opportunity to ride a better horse, it helps them regain their self-confidence.

“That’s why we thank Te Akau and Fortuna for taking advantage of our apprenticeship and giving us free control to give equal opportunity.

“When Jake Bayliss first arrived in Singapore, he soon told me that Yusov had a great style and balance and could ride with a stick in both hands.

“Remember that Yusov also stayed here for two years during Covid-19. He was unable to return to Johor Bahru to meet his family.

“He didn’t complain. He has good work ethic and today he is getting paid.”

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