Zac Purton needs to do everything right in order to overhaul João Moreira and land in the Premier League of the fifth jockey. Australian stars want the imminent increase in riding weights to give him an edge.

Jockeys in Hong Kong have the option of a minimum weight of 115 pounds and a maximum weight of 135 pounds when the scale rises by 2 pounds from the Sha Tin meeting on June 25.

Some choose to use the changes as intended and relieve pressure on the body by gaining a minimum weight to ride, while others see shifts as a way to seize additional opportunities.

For Parton, whose five winners overtake Moreira in the remaining 11 meetings during the season, it’s easy to decide how to approach the last three weeks of the campaign.

“This allows everyone to ride two pounds heavier or the same weight and get more opportunities. I think giving yourself more opportunities is the way to go.” Said Parton Position..

Moreira recently considered the idea of ​​gaining his minimum ride weight after suffering from dehydration as a result of forcing himself to ride at 116 pounds, especially on hot days.

Nonetheless, he seems likely to take the same approach as Parton later this season and take advantage of all the opportunities he can, but his rivals can still give him an edge. I’m sure.

“It will certainly give me more opportunities,” Parton said. “For example, the RisingFromAshes rating was 63. [last Wednesday night] And Joan won it.

“It’s a horse that I could easily ride, but I couldn’t ride because of my weight, so it’s a two-win swing.

“If I’m riding that horse, I’m only three behind instead of five. If I get only two of the 63 or 64 rated horses before the end of the season, It could be a swing of 4 wins, and that number will be added immediately.

“It gives me more opportunities, and hopefully I can hold some of these horses that are doing well.”

It’s still unclear if Parton will claim his fifth title and be enough to draw one Premiership victory from Moreira.

Jockey Zac Purton following the fall at the Hong Kong Sprint in December.

It’s no wonder Parton overcomes the deficit later in the season, but is famous for rushing home from 15 winners in mid-April to win the 2017-18 Premiership, but this time coming from behind. , I really need a rest.

The injuries he suffered during the horror fall at the Hong Kong Sprint in December continue to hinder the 39-year-old’s performance, admitting that his illness management is more focused than the title race.

“For now I’m more worried about trying to get my body right. It’s a struggle and that’s my main focus,” Parton said. The care he needed.

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“I really need an off-season. I thought it was going well after the fall recovery process, but it went downhill again. But that’s what it is, I just I will try to get over it until the end of the season. “

There is much talk about how long Parton, and for that matter Moreira, will stay in Hong Kong, and the temptation of the fifth and perhaps last premiership will definitely continue him, and so on.

The Zack and Joao show are an essential antidote to the monotony closely associated with the last few weeks of the Hong Kong racing season. Let’s hope it goes to the wire.

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