Kuwait: Zain, a leading digital service provider in Kuwait, invited Kuwaiti fire department staff at Schweigh’s headquarters to hold a summer awareness seminar on safety measures and guidelines.

This step was under the umbrella of Zain’s internal strategy, which addresses various aspects of an employee’s personal and professional life. The company is keen to improve communication with its staff both inside and outside the workplace, especially when it comes to ensuring health and safety, which is a top priority for the company. Zain sees employees as a key factor behind its success as a leader in Kuwait’s telecommunications sector.

The seminar discussed many of the most important guidelines and measures certified by the Kuwaiti Fire Department to ensure the safety of homes, workplaces and other buildings. The seminar introduced how to effectively fight different types of fires and emphasized the importance of installing smoke detectors and how to handle gas leaks. The fire brigade also conducted training to show how to use the fire extinguisher properly and how to behave in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Zain is committed to working with various government agencies such as the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Fire of Kuwait to implement official policies and procedures to ensure the safety and security of our employees at all times. The company also regularly invites ministry representatives to hold informative seminars, engage employees in awareness campaigns, and carry out vaccination programs and blood donation activities.

Zain also ensures the preparation of all safety devices, including warning systems, internal speaker systems, fire hoses, smoke warning systems, designates emergency meeting points, and conducts regular evacuation drills and first aid training programs. increase.

Zain recently conducted an emergency evacuation drill at Schweik’s headquarters in collaboration with the Interior Ministry’s Directorate General of Civil Defense. The training witnessed the participation of all Zain employees working in the company’s three major buildings, carefully reviewed evacuation plans, and ensured that all official guidelines and regulations set by the authorities were followed and implemented. Employee safety in an emergency held under the supervision of civil defense authorities to ensure that.

This step carefully implements all guidelines and regulations outlined by the Ministry of Civil Defense, including the appointment of employee marshal on each floor of the three major buildings to supervise emergency evacuation. It was in line with Zain’s enterprise risk management strategy. We will also install signs at all entrances and exits of the company.

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