Zendaya Her teen drama “Euphoria” and the big-screen superhero blockbuster “Spider-Man: Noway Home” were selected as the best shows and the best movies, respectively, so they dominated MTV movies and TV awards on Sunday. .. The easy-going awards at the beginning of the summer blockbuster season were voted online by the general public, highlighting the immense popularity of the 25-year-old former Disney child star.

Zendaya achieved the best performance at the “Euphoria” show. HBO is staring darkly and violently into modern teenage life. He also won an eccentric award for “Best Battle” and a new award for the best “Hookup” on the screen. The MTV Awards have long endowed cheek-like “golden popcorn” statuettes in categories ranging from “best kisses” to “most horrifying performances.”

Zendaya and Tom Holland

This award tends to recognize mainstream and commercial hits by large and enthusiastic social media followers, as enthusiasts are encouraged to vote for their favorites multiple times. So it was little surprise that “Spider-Man: No Way Home” (the biggest box office revenue since the pandemic) won the best movie. With about $ 1.9 billion in revenue worldwide, the film is the third-largest hit ever in a domestic theater.

It’s also the best movie of Tom Holland, a real-life boyfriend on the screen of Zendaya, who plays the latest incarnation of a web sling superhero, although he didn’t attend the ceremony in Santa Monica near Los Angeles. Won the performance. Jennifer Lopez lent A List Stardust to her room and was awarded the uncompetitive “Generation Award”.

She thanked her fiancé Ben Affleck for “true love” before telling “and everyone at home” that she was on her way home for dinner. Lopez also won her best song on her “On My Way (Marry Me)” and the 19-year-old multiple Grammy award-winning Olivia Rodrigo is her best musical documentary “Olivia Rodrigo: drivinghome2u”. Was won.

Jack Black was also honored by MTV for his career on Sunday. At the age of 52, she attempted energetic admission, and after she somersaulted the youthful cheers of the audience on stage, she breathtakingly called for an “oxygen explosion.” Daniel Radcliffe, who won his greatest villain in the adventure comedy The Lost City, joked that his English accent turned his evil into a breeze.

“This is a globally recognized pure evil accent,” he said. “It’s like kicking a puppy or not feeding Oliver Twist.” With the foresight that made me an Englishman years ago so I could grow and grow. I really have to thank my parents. Not surprisingly, it’s bad enough to win this award someday. – AFP

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