Authorities in the nearby city of Zhuhai in Guangdong province earlier this month launched an investigation into the possibility of allowing commercial passenger transport vehicles (including buses, taxis and coaches) with Macau license plates to enter Hengqin only. has launched a public tender for

In a statement accompanying the opening of the tender, the Zhuhai government said it was “very important and urgent” to make cross-border transportation between Macau and Hengqin’s Guangdong-Macao Deep Cooperation Zone more convenient and open up Hengqin. said it is. — Part of Zhuhai — He is one of such solutions for Macau vehicles.

This will facilitate the development of Hengqin’s Guangdong-Macao cooperation zone, which could turn into a “new home” for Macau residents to work and live, the statement said. The cooperation zone will celebrate its one-year anniversary later this month and will be co-ruled by the Guangdong and Macao governments, forming a blueprint for Hengqin’s development.

Since 2016, under a quota system, cars with only Macau license plates and no more than nine seats have been allowed into Hengqin. It was

According to a public tender that started this month, the study should analyze the differences in the administrative regimes and laws of commercial passenger transport services between the mainland and Macau, and how such Macau vehicles are supervised in Hengqin. .

The study also needs to come up with a pilot scheme, such as the routes for commercial passenger transport vehicles from Macau to operate in the cooperation zone and how to evaluate the effectiveness of the pilot scheme.

Cheong Kok Kei, deputy director general of the city planning and construction department of Hengqin Cooperation Zone, also said the authorities are also studying the development of sea passenger transport services between Macau and Hengqin, according to Today’s Chinese newspaper Macau. Quoted by the Daily News. ).

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