Two of Zhuhai’s most pioneering companies, GreeElectric Appliances and Ninestar, were on the list of the top 100 private companies in Guangdong Province in 2021, released on June 8.

The 7th-ranked manufacturing giant GreeElectric Appliances has grown into a global and diverse scientific and technological industry manufacturing group. Its products, primarily household consumer goods and industrial equipment, are sold in more than 160 countries and territories.

Founded in 2000, Ninestar ranks 70th and is currently ranked 4th among the world’s laser printer manufacturers. Its products range from laser printers and support consumables, integrated circuit chips, printer core parts, and general consumables. It owns approximately 4,700 independent R & D patents, including over 3,300 invention patents.

The list of top 100 created by the Cantonese Industry and Commerce Federation is based on the company’s operating revenues in 2020.

Federal officials said the criteria for this year’s list were that the company’s annual operating revenue increased by 8.26 percent from last year to over RMB 12.06 billion (US $ 1.8 billion).

Five participants recorded annual operating revenue of RMB 400 billion (US $ 59.79 billion) in 2020, 14 companies achieved RMB 100 billion (US $ 14.95 billion), and 69 companies 200. Achieved more than RMB 2.99 billion.

The Top 100 are primarily engaged in manufacturing, wholesale, retail and real estate.

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